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Meet Our Team


Angela Trzcinski

Founder & Owner

In 2012, Angela opened the first PetU by the airport in Milwaukee, WI. Since then, PetU has grown to three locations providing hundreds of families with all facets of dog care. What began as an interest in providing a space for dog training, led to a "one stop shop" in her passion in helping dogs and their humans be the best team they can be. Angela works in every aspect of the business to make sure that “K9 Higher Education” shows through to the PetU family every day.

Pat Valente

Dog Trainer & Consultant

Pat started dog training and handling at PetU in 2018, however, Pat comes to us with 40+ of experience in the pet industry from assisting veterinarians to training exotic birds as well as dogs. In 2012, he began training and competing in IGP-Schutzhund and from there with his two German Shepherds received national titles such as 2021 FH Tracking Vice Champion title for his female, Violet vom Gildalf, and his male, Vincenzo von Rohaus, received an IPO 2 National Champion title at the 2018 USCA Working Dog Championships. He is experienced in behavior modification and uses classical and operant conditioning. He is a balanced trainer with a background in animal nutrition who helps apply his knowledge of sport training to pet dogs. He is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.


Abbie Wilson

General Manager

Since childhood, Abbie has always had a passion for dogs and animals. Her primary background is in group dynamics and social interactions between dogs, with over 8 years of experience working in dog daycare setting. With her six years at PetU, she has worked closely at each location and assisted in dog training for 3+ years and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She enjoys training & hiking with her miniature Australian Shepherd, Eilidh.

Cece Fenn

Store Manager

Cece has worked for PetU since 2019 and started as a dog handler observing play groups. Over time, Cece excelled greatly and found that she had a true passion and calling for working with dogs and their humans. She trained extensively with her own dog in managing behavioral issues and has shadowed in dog training over the years to learn skills and techniques for clarity and success in a balanced relationship with dogs. She currently manages our Racine location and assists in training classes and sessions.

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