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PetU Dog Bathing
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It is important to regularly groom your dog, whether that's regular brushing and combing, nail trims, or ear and teeth cleaning. We can give your dog a bath while they are at daycare or during their boarding stay. All baths include nail trims and ear cleanings, depending on dogs' temperament.


All dogs must up-to-date on rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccinations. Register here and contact our staff to set up your grooming!

Bath Pricing

Bathing rates are based on weight and coat type of dog. Rough coats are thicker, denser double coats. Rough coat examples are the German shepherd, husky, collie, Samoyed, or Australian shepherd. Smooth coats are short haired coats like a pit bull terrier, greyhound, chihuahua, or boxer.

Soft (Smooth) Coat

  • Extra Small (up to 15 lbs): $15.00

  • Small (15-25lbs): $20.00

  • Medium (26-46lbs): $30.00

  • Large (46-80lbs): $35.00

  • Extra Large (81lbs+): $40.00

Rough Coat

  • Extra Small (up to 15lbs): $18.00

  • Small (16-25lbs): $23.00

  • Medium (26-45lbs): $35.00

  • Large (46-80lbs): $42.00

  • Extra Large (81lbs+): $52.00



Recommended for rough coat types! During bath time, we will utilize our de-shedding shampoos, conditioners, combs, and rakes to help remove compacted and shedding coats. 

  • Add On $20.00 to Extra Small-Medium

  • Add On $30.00 to Large-Extra Large

Nail Trim

We offer nail trims by our staff who practice and train with senior staff to comfortably cut dogs nails. It is crucial that your dogs nails are trimmed regularly as nails can crack easily while they are running, playing, or while on walks, especially during winter months.

  • A la carte Nail Trim: $15.00

  • Nail Trim Package: 5 nail trims for $65, to use within six months

Additional Services

Teeth Brushing: $14.00

Brush Out

We spend approximately 30 minutes de-shedding and removing excessive hair with de-tangler, brushes, rakes, and combs.

  • Extra Small (up to 15lbs): $10.00

  • Small (16-25lbs): $15.00

  • Medium (26-45lbs): $20.00

  • Large (46lbs-80lbs): $25.00

  • Extra Large (81lbs +): $30.00

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