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PetU Cardio Sessions & Enrichment

For many dogs, playing with friends is not always enough mental stimulation for them!

At PetU, we offer special "Enrichment Sessions" and "Cardio Sessions." For an additional cost during his or her overnight stay or daycare day, our staff will work one-on-one with your pup. 

"Cardio Sessions" are private time on our doggy treadmill - specialized treadmills designed specifically for dogs. Safety is a priority so every dog is secured to the treadmill by harness while monitored by our staff. Dogs love to run! We want to make sure they receive a quality workout that they enjoy! First, they have to learn to run on this new surface. We provide a training session to assess whether your dog is comfortable with the treadmill with a gradual start at a walking pace, reinforced with high-value treats. 

Our "Enrichment Sessions" are for those looking for a workout for their dog's brain! Some dogs due to genetics such as herding or hunting breeds require a lot of mental stimulation. We have an assortment of puzzle toys and brain games for your dog. With our "Enrichment Sessions," he or she will have one-on-one time with our staff to encourage engagement and bonding as they learn and problem solve.

Cardio Session Rates

An initial assessment session with your dog is 15-20 minutes to familiarize your dog with our Dog Pacer dog treadmill by standing near, standing on, walking, and eventually running.

  • Assessment: $15.00

Session Rates:

  • Up to 15 Minutes: $15.00

  • Up to 30 Minutes: $25.00

  • Up to 45 Minutes: $35.00

Enrichment Sessions

Sessions can be scheduled in advance with our front desk during daycare or boarding. Multiple sessions can be scheduled during their stay.

  • 15 minute Enrichment Session: $10.00

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